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  • Traci Hatchett

Game Night...A Night of Spades!

What a blast we had playing spades this past weekend.

The card game Spades is probably one of the most popular card games played...

My husband (David) and I hosted game night with a few good friends of ours this past weekend and chose to play Spades. What a time we had! Full disclosure, I've only played a few times EVER and am very much a novice. However, everyone was patient with me, which I was grateful for as David and I ended up winning!

We set the stage to get the vibes right for game night by decorating with a Spades theme in mind. Everything from the front door to our kitchen's picture window and spaces in-between.

Our hand-crafted sign for the front-door was made with a piece wood, ribbon, a deck of cards, cardboard and a glue gun and greeted our guests/competitors when they arrived. (smile)

We created these custom red & black Spades themed doilies as part of the table-setting.

The centerpiece was made with a red vase that I had on-hand, filled with card themed Buttermints candy, black ribbon, 10" wood picks and a deck of cards.

The plates and utensils were purchased from Party City. We wrapped the utensils in black napkins, tied them with ribbon and glued a few playing cards on them for decorative measure.

Our picture window served as the backdrop; so I created large Ace of Spades cards and placed strategically with large Spades just below the small windows.

The menu for game night consisted of finger foods; bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, Gyro cups, slow-cooker honey buffalo chicken wings, guacamole cups, prosciutto wrapped asparagus and a veggie tray.

For the cocktails, we served Cosmopolitan Fizz Punch, which is red, and red wine keeping within the overall color scheme of black, white & red. And lastly for dessert, we served cupcakes and used playing cards for the toppers.

A few additional decorative touches for "Game Night...A Night of Spades" included a banner made with a deck of cards and was placed across the fireplace with red Spades on each end and the mini menu cards we made for the food table using cardboard, regular paper, writing in red pen.

Not only this a fun night with family and friends, but it was a great deal of fun creating these easy decorations for the theme of the night!

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