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  • Traci Hatchett

5 Simple Winter Party Ideas

Don’t let the fact that its wintertime give you the blues … There is always a reason to celebrate!

With that, we’re sharing 5 simple winter party ideas that you can easily host at home with family and friends to get you through the winter months.

1. Bourbon & Cigar Party A bourbon + cigar party is a fun trend to incorporate into any celebration, whether it be a bachelor’s bash, or birthday party or even, just hanging out at home, it is a great theme for those who enjoy and partake in bourbon & cigars. You can setup a relaxed vintage lounge (if you choose) and have a variety of bourbons and cigars. Incorporate snacks such as smokey cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, and pretzels (all pair well with bourbon).

2. Comfort Food Potluck Who doesn’t love a good potluck? Potluck parties keep costs low by everyone bringing a dish and makes for an eclectic and memorable meal with family and friends. You can have a lot of fun with a ‘comfort food’ themed potluck. Think about all the yummy comfort foods that everyone loves to eat especially on a cold winter’s night and make a smorgasbord of it!

3. Game Night Whether it’s card games, checkers, a classic ’round-the-board-style game of strategy, or an all-hands-on-deck team event, a game night is a great way to turn an ordinary winter Friday night into an epic battle for bragging rights. So, clear off your coffee table, make easy finger foods that don’t require flatware, provide a dessert, and let the games begin!

4. Tea Party (or Coffee) & Scones Gathering There is no need to travel to London to have afternoon tea, you can throw your very own tea party right at home! Tea parties are a great excuse for a cute lady’s luncheon and can be easy and affordable to decorate. You can serve a light meal with the tea that could include scones, savory tea sandwiches, and sweets.

5. Pizza Making Party A pizza party is a great idea for a party. It’s a fun way to celebrate any occasion! You’ll want to use quick and easy recipes. Plan for a few different types of pizzas for you and your crew to make. Have the pizza dough and toppings prepared in advance and have fun creating your own unique pizzas to share.

Having a winter birthday doesn’t mean you’re stuck indoors doing nothing. With these winter party ideas, you can have fun inside while celebrating whatever the occasion!

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