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  • Traci Hatchett

A "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" Affair...

She did it!!

We’ve been on hiatus for a bit as our family has had quite the busy spring and summer thus far which is what has kept us away. But we’re excited to be back into the throws of sharing food, entertaining tips and more. Before we jump back in, I must share some of what we’ve been up to over the past few months. Well, our baby girl (Kennedy) graduated from high school and turned 18 years old in June. Kennedy also decided on the college that she will attend in the Fall. So, it has been an exciting time for our family!

With all of this, I of course put on my event planner hat, and planned and hosted a three-day "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" affair to celebrate all her milestones and accomplishments with family and friends.

Day 1 - Social & Game Night

The weekend festivities kicked off with a social and game night on Friday evening. We had outdoor games setup (cornhole, volleyball, badminton). There was an area for board games that included all the classics; Monopoly, UNO, Jenga and more. Lastly, we had billiards and card games in another area. This happened to be where everyone ended up, watching an intense game of Spades. It was a blast!

Day 2 - "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" Affair

Saturday evening, we held the weekend’s main event which was the “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” affair at the Manchester Country Club (Manchester, CT). This was the party to celebrate both Kennedy’s 18th birthday and graduation. The theme colors were pink and rhinestones (with touches of silver and white). The color scheme was carried throughout the entire event. Everything from the save-the-dates, invitations, guest treat boxes, to the party/venue décor (all created and decoration by Hatchett Events, LLC). And lest we forget the party attire. We asked everyone to wear touches of pink and/or rhinestones and everyone delivered, it was a sight to see!

The party was held outdoors under a large tent with a lake view. The weather forecast had us anxious all day, as it was cloudy with drizzling rain all morning with the potential to continue throughout the day. But low and behold, God showed up and showed out, the evening (when the party was held) turned out beautifully. The sun was out, the temperature was comfortable and the love in the air was like no other. The outcome we prayed for, was the outcome we were blessed with.

Day 3 - Celebration Brunch

On Sunday, the excitement was winding down...we held a brunch, catered by a local chef (Chef Aaron, Heartfelt Catering, LLC). The brunch menu included, turkey sausage and bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese, bananas foster French toast, seasoned fried potatoes, lemon garlic chicken wings, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, and mimosas. Everything was excellent! Chef Aaron did an awesome job, everyone was pleased.

Our Gratitude...

It was such a great weekend, filled with family love, fun and laughter. A weekend none of us will ever forget.

Again, a HUGE thank you to all our family and friends that traveled from near and far to attend the weekend festivities, we appreciate you. Our gratitude is forever...

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Jul 29, 2023

Those 3 days were so awesome! I'm still recovering, but we'll worth it. Amazing job, Tra as ALWAYS!

Aug 01, 2023
Replying to

Thanks much! Team effort by all of us. #hatchetteventsllc 😉

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