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  • Traci Hatchett

Sunflower Themed Party Favors (using Mason Jars)

We created these cute sunflower themed party favors filled with chocolate candies for a care-givers luncheon. Keep reading for details on how to make them.

The items that are needed to create the favors include miniature mason jars with lids, spray paint (if you want the lids to be a different color), silk sunflowers, ribbon, glue gun, hole punch, candy, heavy stock paper, white printer paper and a printer to create the "Labor of Love" tags (or whatever your party theme may be).

Tip: If you decide to paint the lids for the jars, I recommend that you do so 1-2 days in advance to ensure they are thoroughly dry prior to assembling the favors.

  • Once the lids are completely dry, cut the sunflowers down to the bud and leaves. Using the glue gun, adhere the buds to the lids.

  • Create the tags using computer, printer and scissors.

  • Print, cut, glue and whole punch the tags.

  • Cut the ribbon long enough to fit around the lip of the jar and enough to make a bow-tie.

  • Tie the tags around the jars.

  • Fill the jars with the candy.

  • Put the lids on and voila ... You have your fun little party favors that your guests with love!

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