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  • Traci Hatchett

Faux Floral Napkin Rings

I created these faux floral napkin rings to go with our Fall themed tablescape. They are very simple to make and add a splash of sunshine as they brighten up the table.

Napkin rings are cylindrical items designed to hold a table napkin neatly on a dining table. The original purpose of the napkin ring was for hygiene. Cloth napkins were not washed every day, thus society needed a way to designate particular napkins to individual users. In today's society, they are also used as part of the table decor'.

The instructions on how to create your own faux floral napkin rings are below ...

Items Needed: - Wood Wreath Rings - Glue Gun - Faux Flower Stems - Wire Cutters


  1. Snip the faux floral bud as close to the head of the bud as possible.

  2. Take the wood wreath ring and find an opening where the bud will best fit keeping it as flat as possible.

  3. In that opening, apply hot glue and adhere the floral bud. Pinch tightly and hold for a few seconds until secured.

Very simple way to add a dash of flair to your place settings!

Happy creating y'all!

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16 sep. 2022

These are so easy to make and increase the beauty of your table!

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