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  • Traci Hatchett

Easter: Jellybean Themed Tablescape

Keep reading, as I share what I used, how I created some of the artifacts and where I purchased from to create this table-scape.

What kid wouldn't love sitting at this table?!

We created this playful, jelly-bean themed table-scape for the Easter holiday. It’s colorful, bright, fun AND it was very easy to create using items that I had on-hand at home and everything else, I purchased from my local Dollar Tree store, so it was very economical too. The bright colors not only scream Spring, but Easter too. The kids will love it!

Note: the "Happy Easter" tin pails filled with jellybeans are great for party favors!

The items that I purchased from Dollar Tree: - Charger Plates - Ceramic Plates & Bowls - Jellybeans - Mason Jars (with lids) - Mini Candy Jars - Easter Basket Grass - Plastic Colored Eggs - Mini Candy Jars w/Lids - Chocolate Carrots - Tin Happy Easter Pails

What I had at home: - Tablecloth - Cloth Napkins

What I made: - The “Know what I mean jellybean?” stickers, I made using our computer/printer. - The napkin rings were made using the lids from the mason jars and jellybeans.

What you need: - Glue gun/sticks - Computer/printer - Scissors

"Know what I mean jellybean?"

Kids are the inspiration that I drew from when coming up with this table-scape idea. I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia I am feeling as our youngest is getting ready to graduate from high school in a few months or the fact that as I kid, I loved jelly beans at Easter time. Whatever the reason, I had a ball creating it!

This is a great setting for a kids table this Easter holiday, and the kids can help in creating it too. Make it a family craft project. Happy Easter!

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