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  • Traci Hatchett

Christmas Tablescape - Tips for Setting Your Holiday Table

One of our favorite things to do is to set a beautiful table whether it be for a wedding reception, birthday party or family holiday dinner, we love doing it. Coordinating colors, creating centerpieces and incorporating unique pieces to give the table more glam.

Tablescapes are a creative arrangement of items gathered and placed on top of the table to create a unique and memorable experience.

We are sharing some basics for creating a beautiful holiday tablescape featuring our white and gold themed formal dining room table.


With flatware, you only need to set the utensils that you and your guests will use during the meal. There is no need to place utensils that will not be utilized, it only makes it confusing for your guests.

HATCHETT HINT: Think of your menu as you plan your table-scape, what you are serving and only place the utensils that will be used for the meal.

Charger Plate

Charger plates are large decorative bases on which you place a dinner plate. Chargers set directly a top your table. The charger can stay on the table until you clear your main course plate. They are a great accessory to dress up a table with additional texture and color.

"I like to create what I call 'tablescapes.' It's so much more fun when you organize your table around a theme, don't you think?" – Sandra Lee


I personally prefer cloth napkins over paper for multiple reasons;

1. Cloth napkins look nicer and are more decorative (for this setting, we personalized the napkins by adding our last name initial to the cloth).

2. Cloth is more durable and longer lasting than paper.

3. They produce less trash which is great for the environment. 4. In the long run, cloth costs less than paper --- more cost effective.

5. Again, cloth looks nicer …


The decorative piece that is placed in the center of the table and should capture the attention of your guests as that is its purpose …


The rule of thumb for candles on a dinner table is that they are only lit when it is dark OR any time after 6 o’clock in the evening. Notice that we incorporated votives and tealights as opposed to candlesticks due to the size and depth of the centerpiece.

Party Favors You can even incorporate party favors for your guests into your tablescape.

A beautiful tablescape is a great way to make your event a memorable occasion for all.

Happy Holidays!


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