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  • Traci Hatchett

Zucchini Bread with a Twist...Chocolate!

I'm kicking off the Fall season baking a little early, because I just can't wait for Fall to officially arrive. And when I think of Fall bakes, I think of the different types of quick breads that can be made such as pumpkin or apple spice bread.

However, this morning I decided to make this zucchini bread with a twist...chocolate. YES! Chocolate. David and the kids are chocolate fans, so I thought this would be a nice surprise and twist to the zucchini bread that I make every year.

This bread served warm with a little bit of butter is delightful, not just because of the chocolate, but because of the zucchini. The fresh zucchini adds amazing moisture, flavor, and texture to baked goods… and when you combine it with chocolate, it’s even better!

NOTE: I picked up the cute ceramic Fall themed loaf pans at Dollar Tree. They are 5-inches. This recipe makes enough for four 5" pans.

I only needed three for the family (they each get a loaf of their own), therefore, I wrapped the 4th one up in cellophane and tied it with a Fall color ribbon and gifted it to one of our neighbors.




  1. In a mixing bowl, beat eggs, oil, sugar and vanilla.

  2. Stir in zucchini.

  3. Combine dry ingredients; add to zucchini mixture and mix well.

  4. Pour into two greased 8x4x3-inch loaf pans.

  5. Bake at 350°F for 1 hour or until bread tests done. Makes 2 loaves OR 4 loaves in 5-inch loaf pans


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for stopping by the blog. I hope that you try this recipe and enjoy!

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2 comentarios

28 ago 2023

Supremely groovy job, Tra. The bread was scrumptious. Oh Yeaahh!!

Me gusta
Traci Hatchett
Traci Hatchett
28 ago 2023
Contestando a

Thank you! Glad that you all enjoyed it. 😉😋😊

Me gusta
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