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  • Traci Hatchett

A Champagne & Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We have taken a unique spin on the classic Christmas cookie exchange by adding champagne to the mix. Yes! Not only do you exchange cookies, but champagne too!

Hosting a Champagne and Christmas Cookie Exchange will become a favorite of holiday activities. And why wouldn't it be? Champagne and baked treats, best combination EVER says everyone!

The way that a champagne and cookie exchange works is that all attendees (including yourself as the host) bakes a set number of cookies and brings a favorite bottle of champagne for the party. At the party, all of the guests divide the cookies evenly AND exchange bottles of champagne so that at every guest leaves with a variety of cookies and at least one bottle of champagne.

Depending on how big your champagne and cookie exchange is, you and your guests have the opportunity to net lots and lots of homemade cookies. Doesn't that sound like a win?

We have outlined tips on on how to host a successful champagne & cookie exchange this Christmas, so keep reading ...

Tip #1:

Select a date for your exchange (keeping in mind December is a busy month for most) and outline the champagne and cookie exchange rules to be included with invitation (i.e. how many cookies and bottles of champagne your guests should bring).

Tip #2:

Create your list of family and friends to invite and snail mail, email or create social media invitation to send to your guests.

Tip #3:

Decide what cookie recipe works best for a cookie exchange and what bottle of champagne pairs well with sweets.

Tip #5:

Don't forget beverages and non-cookie snacks to serve such as water, coffee/tea, eggnog and appetizers (if you choose).

Tip #6:

Set up a cookie packing station where the cookies can be displayed and where your guests can snack and/or package up their cookies to take home.

Happy holidays!

Whatever holiday event that you host or participate in, we hope you enjoy!


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