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  • Traci Hatchett

Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage in Savannah, Georgia (Day 1) ...

My husband and I's 10th wedding anniversary was on June 9th. We celebrated with a trip to Savannah, Georgia (Savannah has been on my bucket list for a while now). It was a romantic, fun, and special 5 days for us. I'm sharing our adventures with you all and hope you enjoy Savannah from our perspective ...

DAY 1 in Savannah was filled with food, drinks & sweet treats! We kicked the day off by hitting Wet Willey's Bar & Restaurant (located in the Historic District) for an early lunch and adult beverages. Wet Willey's specializes in serving the World's best daiquiris. The variety of flavors that they offer is unreal (including a few sugar-free options). On top of that, they allow you to mix flavors if you'd like. The daiquiris are some of the best we've ever had and let me tell you, these folks are not shy with the alcohol. It was a HOT day, so they really hit the spot!

Note: Georgia is an open-container state.

After we walked off our lunch, we stopped in Byrd's Famous Cookies ... Lord, why did we do that?? Ugh, like Wet Willey's they had tons of cookie flavors. Everything from Georgia peach, scotch oatmeal, pink lemonade, key lime cooler and of course the regulars, chocolate chip and peanut butter. The shop is filled with not only cookies, but old-fashioned cookie tins, cookie jars and more! Worth the stop, as we didn't leave empty handed.

Byrd's Famous Cookies is also located in the Historic District.

It was a fun and romantic day and strolling the streets and exploring the northern part of Savannah's Historic district.

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