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  • Traci Hatchett

Celebrate Black History Month!

*Simple, yet elegant Black History themed table-scape.

Black History Month is indeed an occasion to celebrate the rich history of the Black culture.

Of course, I have some ideas on how to creatively celebrate and decorate...

Consider hosting a dinner. Make it buffet style featuring favorite dishes of Black History icons (i.e., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., - fried chicken/soul food). The event can be held any time during the month of February, but give some thought of making it an after church Sunday affair.

The concept of serving dishes of icons will require some fact-finding on your part, by first selecting your favorite Black History icons and researching their favorite dishes, compiling your menu and then plan your celebration. My recommendation is that you keep the amount of dishes to 5-6, but of course, it is entirely up to you with how far you want to go.

So, do your research, plan your menu and distribute your invitations (Black History themed).

Note: I created these Africa continent shaped invitations with a computer, printer and scissors using heavy stock paper.

I'll leave you with a few 'hints' in preparation for a meaningful and successful celebration...

Hatchett Hints:

  1. This is a good project to engage of age children and other family members, spending time together and educating yourselves as a family.

  2. Make sure that your dish selections coincide and work well together, the last thing that you want is a meal that is not cohesive.

What a great way to acknowledge Black history!

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Happy Black History month!

Traci H. xoxoxo

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