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  • Traci Hatchett

Candlelight Concert: A Tribute to Adele

Intimate Concert Illuminated by Candles...

David and I make an effort to plan special date nights on a monthly basis. In one of our most recent dates, we enjoyed a Candlelight Concert showcasing Adele's music. What a truly unique and romantic experience it was...

The concert took place at the historic Bond Ballroom, situated in downtown Hartford, CT. This iconic building was established in 1921 by hotelier Harry S. Bond.

Furthermore, the concert venue itself was cozy and illuminated by candles all around. A four-member string quartet performed ten of Adele's top hits (including Hello, Rumor Has It, and Skyfall) on a small raised platform. The ambiance was not just romantic, but also incredibly stunning, leaving us completely captivated.

With Candlelight Concerts available in more than 100 cities around the globe, we were thrilled to discover that Hartford was among them. We promptly bought our tickets, and we are extremely pleased that we did.

Should Candlelight Concerts visit a city close to you, we strongly suggest that you attend and experience it firsthand. It's definitely worth it! Watch a preview of the performance in the video...

In addition to Adele tributes, they also provide performances honoring other famous artists!

Until next time...

Traci H. xoxoxo

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Jun 25

This was truly an amazing night! We were in awe of the experience. I highly recommend attending a candle light concert near you. Very romantic.

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