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  • Traci Hatchett

Blueberry Sweet Potato Bread for Mental Health Awareness!

With age comes wisdom and keeping it personal, I am getting wiser about the importance of mental health. In recent years, I have been working towards doing a better job of paying attention to my mental health, the mental health of my family, my peace of mind and my body which if you think about it, they are correlated.

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month and I support causes that advocate mental health care and awareness. Over the weekend, my family and I (David, AJ & Kennedy) participated in a “Runs for a Purpose” Mental Health Awareness Virtual 10K walk to raise funds and awareness for mental health.

We are blessed to live less than an hour from the Connecticut shoreline, which has some beautiful beaches and trails. With that, we chose to do our 10K walk at the beach (Hammonasset Beach in Madison CT). It was a lovely walk, albeit it started out foggy but cleared up beautifully. We completed the walk in just over 95 minutes and raised over $250.00 for the cause.

To kick the morning off, I baked this healthy blueberry sweet potato bread to give the family some fuel to get us through the walk. The base of the bread is sweet potato, bananas, and whole wheat.

Note: With my diet, I now try to stay away from white flours, breads, etc. Whole wheat is healthier.

We were able to capture some pretty cool pics during the walk.

When we finished, we went and had a full breakfast at Cristy’s Madison right there by the beach. It was a great day, great event, awesome family time and all for a worthy cause.

Thanks to Davie, AJ & Kennedy for joining me in this event. Your support as always is much appreciated!

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