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  • Traci Hatchett

I've been MIA, but I'm back! A 55th Milestone Birthday Celebration

The past few months have been quite hectic...

A 55th Milestone Birthday Celebration

It has been some time since I last posted on the blog due to a hectic few months. The reason for this is that I recently celebrated another milestone birthday, turning 55! I am finding it difficult to comprehend how quickly time has passed.

Upon reaching the age of 55 in March, I chose to mark the occasion with a party.

Typically, I don't organize events for myself, as I enjoy arranging celebrations for others. Therefore, this was unfamiliar territory for me. I understand your thoughts that it should be simple for an event planner to organize their own gathering. However, it was challenging for me due to the added self-imposed pressure. Moreover, with the party taking place in Columbus, Ohio while we reside in Connecticut, it became a "destination" event, intensifying the pressure!

Kiesha, my younger sister, proposed that the most fitting theme to describe me was "I'm Every Woman." You all know that I love a theme, so me and the Hatchett Events team took it and ran with it! 55 years also signifies double-nickels and the color is emerald green. With that, the color scheme for the celebration was emerald green, silver (with diamonds) and black.

Hatchett Events created the "I'm Every Woman" invitations incorporating the color scheme.

At the event, Hatchett Events incorporated the colors and symbols in the decor. Everything from the the centerpieces, to the napkin and napkin rings, to the birthday card gift box.

As for the birthday cakes, not only did they feature the color scheme, but they also had appliques of women silhouettes to represent the "I'm Every Woman..."

Furthermore, we featured a themed signature cocktail named "Emerald City" which was truly delightful and well-received by all our guests.

Finally, in order to enhance the color theme of the event, I organized a dress code for my family consisting of emerald green, black, and silver outfits.

Everyone looked BEAUTIFUL!!

The event was truly delightful, and I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined me in the festivities. This special birthday holds a significant place in my heart and will be a memory I hold dear forever!


Jun 19

Traci, your 55th birthday event was planned and presented at a level of excellence and I expected no less!! The details, from the color scheme to the signature cocktail, all done with elegance!! A great time of fellowship with family and friends, celebrating you with the theme of "I'm Every Woman"!

Jun 20
Replying to

Thank you SO MUCH!!! This was a birthday that I will cherish forever!! ❤️

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